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The God Man of Christ
– The two natures existed in perfect union.

Defined: The two natures were united without mixture, without change, without division and without separation.


• The two natures exist in one person – called theanthropic or the God-Man (hypostatic union)

The Lion and the Lamb

– This is true of His person but not His natures (He is the theanthropic person, not theanthropic natures.

• The union included human and divine qualities and acts to the person

– His actions are ascribed to the entire person not just to the natures.

• This union insures the constant presence of both deity and humanity – John 3:13

• Therefore, similar to the Trinity, Jesus has two natures existing in one person.


• There is no evidence in Scripture of a divided personality

• Both natures of Christ are represented in Scripture as united in one person

• The one person of Christ is spoken of in Scripture as true of either one of His natures

How the natures of Christ function within one person is a mystery comparable to the Trinity. Because we cannot explain the finer details does not mean that the doctrine is untrue. As Erickson notes, “for one person to be both infinite and finite simultaneously seems impossible.” It is for this reason that he also stated, “This is one of the most difficult of all theological problems, ranking with the Trinity and the seeming paradox of human free will and divine sovereignty.”

“In the incarnation of the Son of God, a human nature was inseparably united forever with the divine nature in the one person of Jesus Christ, yet with the two natures remaining distinct, whole, and unchanged, without mixture or confusion so that the one person, Jesus Christ, is truly God and truly man.”

– Quotations from Craig Blaising, “Hypostatic Union,” Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1984), 540.